Mission 9: Clues!

Hey everyone!

I have finished the mission! I realised that many people like to do the missions but sometimes they get too hard so I decided to make some clues for the people who are stuck. I will tell you all how to do it later.

Part 1

  1.  Who do you usually talk to at the beginning of a mission?
  2. Now we pick up some items: First item: Quack quack! Second item: There are 3 of these! Third item: These are some handy instuctions to make something that flies!
  3. Go somewhere: Wanna play Find Four?
  4. Now we pick up some items: First item: You use them to play a game… and they’re scattered everywhere!! Second item: You use this to tie your shoes.
  5. Some penguins need those scattered items.
  6. Go somewhere: It was the last place to be decorated in the Fall Fair.
  7. Come on! It’s fun to watch puffles play tricks!
  8. Help some penguins in a sticky situation.
  9. Combine items: It is sticky and it’s good for fixing holes on things that go QUACK!
  10. Go somewhere: Hydro Hopper
  11. Help a penguin make a boat start. Clue: How do boats start?
  12. Combine items: We need something to blow up something inflatable!
  13. Combine items: Put something that flashes onto something that just got fixed by you.
  14. Go somewhere: Aqua Grabber
  15. Swim Ducky SWIM!

Part 2

  1. Go somewhere: It is similar to the word: Woods.
  2. Pick up an item: They look like twigs.
  3. Go somewhere: Bunnyhill
  4. Combine items: Instuctions and some things that come from trees.
  5. Combine items: You use these to tie your shoes and something that looks like a almost finished kite.
  6. Combine items: Put something that flashes onto something that flies.
  7. What would you do with the item you’ve just made?

Part 3

  1. Go somewhere: Where do penguins with hard hats go?
  2. Talk to a penguin with a hard hat then help him.
  3. Lets fix some pipes on a building! Clue: Right side up, left side down!
  4. Lets help some more!
  5. Click on something that is broken twice. Then fix it.
  6. Put something that flashes onto something you just fixed.

Part 4

  1. Go somewhere: It is where all agents work.
  2. Talk to a dark blue penguin.
  3. Take something to let you see things far away.
  4. Go somewhere: Let’s go fishing!
  5. Let’s spy on a ……………Rock??!!! It is very far away.
  6. Go and get your OLD spyphone back!
  7. Combine items: Something you used to have and something to spy on things.
  8. Put the ‘combined’ item into a tree.
  10. Go somewhere: Where have you last talked to a blue penguin.
  11. Talk to the same blue penguin
  12. Oooh! A movie!

Part 5

  1. Get your prizes!
  2. Mission Finished!

You will get a medal and a BOX OF CHOCOLATES! (The chocolates are edible!)

Enjoy your prizes!


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1 Comment

  1. Izzy

     /  November 13, 2010

    thank you! it helped a lottttttt….

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