T.E.A.M Together Everyone Achieves More

Hi everyone!

The new mission came out it is called Waddle Squad. But it isn’t really that entertaining. I think it is one of the shortest and easiest missions so far.

But here are the clues to finish it. (I will make spoilers.)

Part 1:

  1. Talk to someone blue.
  2. Someone BAD will talk to you and your friends.
  3. Someone BAD will fall for something.
  4. Someone GREAT will talk to you.
  5. You will become a leader.

Part 2:

  1. Get someting with cracked glass on it.
  2. Go somewhere Rockhopper usually ports.
  3. Talk to a team member.
  4. Help them.
  5. Go to where the Big Drums play and where the Guitar lays.
  6. Take a barrel of Rockhoppers favourite drink.
  7. Go back to a red friend.
  8. Talk to them and give them the barrel.
  9. Follow the instructions in the bottle.
  10. Your red friend will some how fly away.

Part 3:

  1. Go somewhere where the coins went missing.
  2. Help a green friend.
  3. Stick something with cracked glass onto something BIG.
  4. Connect A to B 3 times.
  5. Your green friend will say thanks.

Part 4 (Optional):

  1. Talk to someone who works where you are right now.
  2. Help them.
  3. Take something you wear.
  4. Take something with four legs.
  5. Take a box of something.
  6. Put them all outside.
  7. Go back inside where you were before.
  8. Talk to the penguin you just helped.
  9. They will say thanks.

Part 5:

  1. Go to somewhere starting with ‘D’.
  2. Ask for a something long.
  3. Go to somewhere you dance.
  4. Connect the long object to a machine.
  5. Operate the machine.
  6. Fix the machine with a tool.
  7. Do a 5 piece Jigsaw Puzzle.
  8. Something shiney will be unguarded.

Part 6:

  1. Go anywhere.
  2. Your red friend will tell you to go somewhere.
  3. Search for the enemy.
  4. Once you have found the enemy, go anywhere.
  5. Your green friend will tell you to go somewhere.
  6. Talk to the enemy.
  7. Trap the enemy with the machine.
  8. The enemy escapes

Part 7:

  1. All your friends will come to help you.
  2. Get something that makes penguins fly and put it on the trap.


  1. Move the lights to something that used to have cracked glass on it.
  2. The enemy is now trapped again.
  3. Talk to someone blue.
  4. Claim your prizes.

 Spoilers will come later.

Agent Up!


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1 Comment

  1. Izzy

     /  August 24, 2009

    Thanks so much! I needed help with this Mission!! 😀

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