a poem.

Sorry people. I am a bit loaded down with home work and other things so i might not be editing for a while. Also Club Penguin is getting boring because they are SERIOUSLY running out of ideas. So please help club penguin become great or els EVERYONE WONT LIKE IT. Also Diseny made club penguins bann system silly. I checked how good it was by making a new penguin and saying bad words. I SAID A LOT OF BAD WORDS in a full server in the town, plaza, cove, mine rockhoppers ship, and other places. It didnt get banned untill i swore in the dojo….


SORRY KIDS 7+ cointains some violence.


Shredder is scary, evil and vile, he falls down a cliff every once in a while.

His massive fangs and powerful jaws are as mighty as his razor-sharp claws.

You wouldn’t want to bump into him, for he’ll make the end of your life grim.

One day I saw him with a menacing smile. I thought he was looking at my gorgeous hairstyle.

Then I realized that I was wrong. Now I wished I was far away in Hong-Kong.

I hid behind a rock, the rock was too small. This was no good, no good at all.

The rock was a pebble, how could I’ve been so dumb? Now I sit there, sucking my thumb.

Shredder sees me, DUH of course. I’m just sitting there, like a sad horse.

He lunges at me, or maybe he leaped. I lay flat and then I peep.

The leap was too powerful, it was also dumb, he leaped off the cliff behind me, ho-hum.

I hear a howl, then a KER-SPLAT. “Phew!” I sigh, “That’s the end of that!”

But no it’s not! It’s what I dread. I just found out, Shredder’s undead!

This is silly! It’s not what I dread. There is no such thing as being undead.

I grab a pole and hit Shredder on the head. Nothing happened, because he’s undead.

I hid in a hole, Shredder was too fat, surely he couldn’t fit through that.

I grab my mobile and then I ring, triple zero, I’m still breathing.

The police told me something, so bad my heart died. Shredder’s the dog that committed a double homicide!

I walked outside and then I bobbed, this is even worse than being robbed.

Shredder pounced and landed on me. There was no time to react, no time to flee.

I dreamt of being painted, coated in red. “Oh no!” I thought, “Am I dead?”

Straight away, I woke up. “Steady!” said the paramedic, “Drink this hot cocoa in a cup.”

Suddenly I felt much better, from the paramedic, I received a letter.

“Hi Dude! Get well soon. You’ll be better in the end of June.

From Shredder.”

I stared at the letter and then I choked. I think I’m gonna have a stroke.




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  1. Ok…… interesting i guess.



  2. izzy

     /  May 30, 2009

    lol 😀 I really like it also wheres the new pin??

  3. izzy

     /  June 1, 2009

    nvm i found it

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