I’m coming back!

Hey everybody!
So many of you guys visited my website so I decided to come back! I’ll be redecorating the website and cleaning it up! I might not be a full time blogger but I’m sure to post guides and tips on getting stamps and earning coins! There are so many guides out there but all of them are just stating the obvious!

So for example, there’s a guide about Card-Jitsu: Water
Nearly every guide I have seen has just said “Try to be fast and click on the card and match it to the stone’s element (eg. water card beats fire)”

WELL DUH. Everyone knows that! Those are the instructions :/

What people don’t know is that if you jump in front of people, they are more likely to hop on the stones that you have passed and spend more time trying to match the next element while you just keep hopping forward! (really annoying when people do it to you so try to be fast at the beginning)

Yeh that’s a little tip for you guys to use, really works!
You can see my game guide about Puffle Roundup in the “Game Guides” Page, next game I’ll be doing “Cart Surfer” because it’s really good to get coins (double coins when you have all the stamps so I’ll be telling you guys how to get all the stamps as well!)

Thankyou for supporting me and coming to my parties, I’ll be updating my twitter more often now so follow me for parties 😀

That’s all for now! I have a party to go to! (check my twitter for details)

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