Scorn the Dragon King SPOTTED! With a Message from Happy77 and Jetpack Guy.

Hey everybody!

I finally got a good picture of Scorn and let me tell you this, Scorn the Dragon King DOES NOT look like a robot made by Herbert! It’s a REAL dragon!


He appears every 5-15 minutes at the Town, Dock and Ski Village. You can also see his shadow on the Club Penguin homepage every 10 seconds. He is seen more often at the Dock and you see his wing. At the town and Ski Village you only see his shadow fly.

There is also a new message from Jetpack Guy! Check your spyphone.

Yes Jetpack guy, I saw something big as well! We have a great visual of it!

Last we have Medieval Story Part 2!

Oh no you don’t Scorn, YOU’RE the one being crushed by penguin Knights 🙂

That’s all!


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