The Final Showdown: Pin and More

Hey everybody!

The battle against good and evil is extended and a new pin has arrived. Those who seek evil and wish to destroy Club Penguin may go to the Dojo Courtyard to claim their supervillain pin. Or you could just collect it.

American Independence Day is coming soon, what better way to celebrate it with the annual fireworks!

But for the EPF agents, our work is never done. It’s time to stop watching the fireworks and check your spyphones because there is a new field op waiting for us!

The location is at the Dock in front of the meteorite.

Once you’re finished with the puzzle, there is a message from G.

If you have some spare time on your flippers, why don’t you read issue #349 of the Club Penguin Times?

The headlines talk about how the superheroes have teamed up with the EPF against the supervillains. The director ensures the superheroes that the agents of the EPF will never back down in the battle.

The featured article is about how many of the bad citizens of Club Penguin are converting into good penguins. Many robbers have become enforcers of the law and are finally getting paid. Good for them! 🙂


According to the upcoming events section, there are fireworks in the sky! On July 5, Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal will return to the stage along with a new Penguin Style Catalog to prepare us for the Ultimate Jam! There will be a new pin on July 12.

Flip the newspaper over and we have the villain version of the newspaper. The headlines are about the villain victory which will be imminent. Villains have orders and will they succeed?

The villain featured article is about the robbers escaping the jail. Maybe if they fixed the wall in the jails there would be less escapees.

And lastly, the secrets section. This isn’t actually a secret, it’s just propaganda from the Ultimate Protobot 10000 trying to convert good into evil.

That’s all for now! Stay safe and we shall see who will win this final showdown on July 3.



New Field Op and Newspaper

Hey everybody!

As the battle of Good Vs. Evil rages on in the big city the newspaper printing press lives on unharmed along with the EPF Command Room. The headlines are about the battle in the city.

The featured article talks about the bravery of our fellow citizens doing their bit to rid the city of evil.

In our upcoming events we have fireworks on June 28. Maybe they’re preparing for the 4th of July (American Independence Day). There will also be a new pin on that day as well. After the Independence Day celebrations, Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal return to the stage with a cool classic. There will also be a new Penguin Style catalog preparing us for the upcoming Music Jam which is now known as the Ultimate Jam.

Flip the newspaper over and we have the villain version of the newspaper. Headlines are really just the plans for the villains to attack.

Featured article is about double agents amongst the villains.

This week’s secrets aren’t very secret at all but they’re good to know!

But even with a massive battle going on, EPF agents will always be EPF agents. There’s a new field op and it is our duty to complete it!

I don’t see how the field op location has anything to do with Doom Drones but it works! Just go to the Snow Forts and walk to the broken, rusty car on the right.

Once you’ve finished it you get a message from G.

Slow down? Really? A rusty car? This better work…

That’s all for now penguins, stay strong!


Superhero Takeover Arrives to Club Penguin and More

Hey everybody!

The long awaited Superhero Takeover has FINALLY arrived to Club Penguin! Member penguins can dress up as their favourite superheroes or super villains from the Marvel Comics. Non-members can dress up as construction workers and robbers. There is a new pin and newspaper as well but before all this, you are greeted with this screen just as you log in:

If you choose Superhero, you have a yellow circle around your penguin. Super villains get a black circle, and citizens get the blue circle.

At the Town, Plaza and Gift Shop, there are secret doors to the Superhero Base and the Super Villain Base.

At both bases there is a superhero catalog. You can buy your favourite costumes and some cool gloves which give you the power to throw super cool snowballs.

Now onto our 4 free items for all! Hard hats can be found at the gift shop and bags of money (clothing item) can be found at the Pizza Parlour! The backgrounds can be found at the Coffee Shop and the Police Office (stage).

The press conference background is at the Coffee Shop. You can get it by clicking the camera.

The Mug Shot background can be found at the Police Office (The Stage). You can get it by clicking the camera.


There is also a shop for civilians at the Gift Shop (That means non-members as well!). For the robber outfit, 2 rare items have returned, the Black Togue and the Black superhero mask.

To battle or defend the giant Robot attacking the city, go to the Snow Forts and go through the door. It’s members only and you don’t win anything. A new robot appears every 20 minutes.

The new pin is the Superhero Logo. It can be found at the mine.

EPF Agents there is a new field op for you! Report to the EPF Command Room to recieve your field op.

(This post is being updated. please check back in a few minutes)

The field op location is at the Super Villain base on the big chair to the left.

Once you finish the field op, you get a message from Protobot 10,000.


Meteor lands at the Dock, New Field Op and more

Hey everybody!

Today we have a Meteor, a newspaper taken over by the super villains, a missing field op (which is back) and a NEW furniture catalog.

The predicted meteor has landed on Club Penguin at the Dock!

It tasted like marshmallows…

Just kidding but there is a new field op, which disappeared… BUT IS NOW BACK!

The location is the EPF Command Room near the computers on the LEFT.

This week’s puzzle is a bit difficult but if you plan it out it’s easy. Once you’re done you get a message from Gary.

Well that’s good to know G but I’ve had enough of disappearing and difficult field ops today, I don’t think I want an intense battle as well.

Well at least the Newspaper issue #346 didn’t disappear! The headlines are about the strange meteor which has dug the best hole I’ve ever seen in Club Penguin (I mean Herbert couldn’t even dig that well with his weird drill!) landed in Club Penguin.

The featured article is a message from UP10K (Ultimate Protobot 10000) about how he’s going to take over Club Penguin with a massive robot. The power from the meteor made him powerful again and it turns out that giant robot WASN’T him but it’s actually his creation! I wonder what would happen if that giant robot decided to build something…

Anyway, on to our Upcoming Events! There is a new furniture catalog, on June 14th (the day of the Superhero Takeover) the costumes of our favourite Marvel characters will be available for us to buy! There will also be a new pin that day. On June 28th, Squidzoid vs SG and GG will return to the stage.

Lastly, the secrets in the newspaper aren’t very secretive. It’s just about how Rookie found out about special dances. Good to know if you don’t know already.

That’s all for the newspaper, now onto our action-packed and modernised furniture catalog.

The rest of the secrets in the catalog are exactly the same as last time.

That’s all for now!


Exclusive Marvel Superhero Takeover Room Sneak Peek

Hi everybody!

Club Penguin has released TWO new sneak peeks for the rooms for the Marvel Superhero Takeover Party!

The first picture is of the command room! Seems pretty sweet! What’s with the hologram of the giant robot on the right? Looks like Protobot!

The second picture is of another room with the giant evil robot penguin that looks like protobot! Scary! Is this another evil scheme from Herbert?

Can’t wait for the Superhero Takeover! Thank you Flipper3900 for the information!

That’s all for now!



New Field Op, Newspaper and Scorn is DEFEATED!

Hello everybody!

I’m back from camp and I had a lot of fun but now it is time to get back to business! As you guys should know, Jacquo attempted to post about the latest field op but wasn’t successful because she couldn’t log in! Well I’ve logged back on Club Penguin and I was greeted with some amazing news!

That’s great! Scorn is defeated but he’ll return again, that’s just how villains are. Keep a good eye for him in the next Medieval party.

Now it’s time for the Field Op!

Seal him away for good! But he’ll probably break out of it, I mean, he IS the Dragon King so he isn’t some ordinary dragon! You don’t really need to think for this field op, Gary just told us exactly where to go, to Dragon Peak (Ski Hill) and on the statue!

Behind the statue should be fine, the puzzle is a Location Found puzzle. Once you’re done you should get a message from the one and only, DIRECTOR!

Just some words of encouragement, nothing else. Now it’s time for the latest issue of the Club Penguin Times! Issue #344 has some good news for all! With the headlines about Scorn’s defeat.

Our featured article is about the broken curse and Scorn’s clouds slowly disappearing. Sky Kingdom is here for all to see!

Our upcoming news seems interesting with May 31 releasing a new pin and Penguin Style Catalog! Do you think our superhero costumes will be in there?

Flip the newspaper over and there is the Tips and Secrets section. Nothing very interesting but if you haven’t known by know, if you hold the Skyward Staff at that beanstalk in town, you can make the beanstalk grow so everybody including non-members can go to the Sky Kingdom!

So you’ve already found Gary and have nothing to do? Don’t worry, try to find Chattabox! Chattabox is one of Club Penguin’s staff members just like Happy77! I managed to see him with Gary today!

Looks like a new staff member! He’s only worked for a little over a year according to his Membership badge!

That’s all for now!


Hauntedclaw Away and About the Field Op!

Hey there everyone!

My name is Jacqui! I go on Club Penguin by the name Jacquo. Hauntedclaw is currently at camp so he asked me if I could fill you all in on the latest Club Penguin news. Don’t worry! He’ll be back from camp tomorrow!
I am a good friend of Hauntedclaw in real life. I’ve been playing Club Penguin for many years. I used to have a blog about CP too. Hauntedclaw was the one who first got me into it so don’t worry, I know what I’m doing! 🙂

Anyway. There is a new Field Op!
Unfortunately I think Club Penguin is experiencing some technical difficulties because it hasn’t been working for me! 😦 I’ll put it up as soon as it works so stay tuned!

Has the new Field Op been working for any of you?

Waddle On!

– Jacquo

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