Long Time No See

Hey everyone :3

It’s been a while since I’ve visited HauntedClaw and Friends. I’ve been well and I hope you all have been too.

Sorry I never returned to Club Penguin, I never really got back into it. I guess I don’t find it as interesting as I did in my younger years.

I don’t think I’ll ever come back to playing Club Penguin regularly but I have had many great experiences with you all!

A few of you were still waiting on Ink Cape and I was actually surprised that you wanted to see more! I’m not going to work on it any time soon but it is something I want to continue on later in life. I liked my old drafts and plans for the story line but I have other plans and ideas for different projects. Ink Cape just isn’t at the top of my to-do list any more.

I’ll check on this website every now and then, it’s hard to let go of a blog you spent your childhood on. Most of you have probably moved on from CP but even if you still love it, there’s nothing wrong with that.

I hope you all stay safe and keep doing the things that you love. Study hard for school and work towards the things that you want the most whether it be a better community for your friends and family or just living a meaningful life. Be kind to one another and I’ll see you all soon.

(but not for the last time)


Ink Cape Has Finally Started!

Hi Everybody!

Thank you so much for being the best and most patient fans! After many delayed weeks and sudden speed bumps I have finished page 1 of Ink Cape! You can visit our page of Ink Cape by clicking here or just click it at the top.

Sorry if the first bit isn’t so exciting but I have everything planned out! Don’t worry! I will post a new page every week and if I haven’t finished I’ll show you guys the draft 😀

Don’t forget to tell your friends about the comic!

Just so you guys know:

All the designs of penguins, puffles and Club Penguin related material is copyrighted to Club Penguin and Disney. The comic is not an official comic of Club Penguin or Disney and is in no way affiliated with the companies. This comic is merely a fan-comic written and drawn by Hauntedclaw.

Other than that, let’s create one of the very first hand drawn Club Penguin Fan Comic Series!


Some Info About My New Comic

UPDATE: COMIC LOGO IS FINISHED AND PART 1 WILL BE RELEASED SOON! Check the Ink Cape page for more details.

Hi Everybody!

As most of you should know by now, we passed 6,000 hits so I will be starting my own comic series. We even got 550 views on our FIRST WEEK back so I decided to give you a treat and draw the logo for our comic.

The logo should take about a week to finish (I have homework and stuff sorry) and the first part of the prologue should come out in 2 weeks time.

To give you a little bit to munch on, the comic

  • will be about Club Penguin
  • will have superheroes and a villain
  • We fight using Card-Jitsu cards with a technological and EPF twist
  • Main characters will be Me(hauntedclaw), Overlapper and Tomy48467 (we will just call him Tomy in the comic)

That is all I will say! Thankyou for your support, I couldn’t have made it here without you guys!


You Guys ROCK!

EDIT: Oh wow nearly 6,000 views! Check the Goals and Unlocked Stuff Page here to see what else I have in store! If you have any ideas of what I should do just tell me! 80 more people to achieve our goal of 500, can we make it?

Hey everyone!
Over the past 5 days, I started blogging again and I have had about 400 views! There’s just 2 more days to the week, can we get 500? Can we make 500 hits in my FIRST WEEK BACK? I think we can and thanks to you guys, I’m pretty sure we’ll make it!
Thanks guys for all your support and to show I mean it, I drew you all a quick picture to show my appreciation 😀

I know my hair really isn’t that spikey but it looked cool so I stuck with it! Remember that if I get 6,000 views, I WILL start a new comic! That’s right! A Hauntedclaw and Friends EXCLUSIVE comic drawn by me!
That’s all the info I’m giving away now, you’ll find out more later!


I’m coming back!

Hey everybody!
So many of you guys visited my website so I decided to come back! I’ll be redecorating the website and cleaning it up! I might not be a full time blogger but I’m sure to post guides and tips on getting stamps and earning coins! There are so many guides out there but all of them are just stating the obvious!

So for example, there’s a guide about Card-Jitsu: Water
Nearly every guide I have seen has just said “Try to be fast and click on the card and match it to the stone’s element (eg. water card beats fire)”

WELL DUH. Everyone knows that! Those are the instructions :/

What people don’t know is that if you jump in front of people, they are more likely to hop on the stones that you have passed and spend more time trying to match the next element while you just keep hopping forward! (really annoying when people do it to you so try to be fast at the beginning)

Yeh that’s a little tip for you guys to use, really works!
You can see my game guide about Puffle Roundup in the “Game Guides” Page, next game I’ll be doing “Cart Surfer” because it’s really good to get coins (double coins when you have all the stamps so I’ll be telling you guys how to get all the stamps as well!)

Thankyou for supporting me and coming to my parties, I’ll be updating my twitter more often now so follow me for parties 😀

That’s all for now! I have a party to go to! (check my twitter for details)

Should I come back?

Hey guys!

It’s been such a long time since I’ve been here!

The other day I got myself a 1 month membership for the fun of it and to try and get a lot of stamps. I’ve got every stamp for Cart Surfer now and I have 144 stamps.

I had a NightClub Dance party today and lots of you guys came! I had a wicked time partying with you!

I made a lot of friends and I had a great time with all of you! It was really fun meeting penguins like Overlapper, Sblswn99, Tomy48467, Lotti1819, Scottynz and many more!!

Should I come back to blogging?


“If you wait long enough, everything comes to you” -Garfield the Cat

Hi everyone!




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