Long Time No See

Hey everyone :3

It’s been a while since I’ve visited HauntedClaw and Friends. I’ve been well and I hope you all have been too.

Sorry I never returned to Club Penguin, I never really got back into it. I guess I don’t find it as interesting as I did in my younger years.

I don’t think I’ll ever come back to playing Club Penguin regularly but I have had many great experiences with you all!

A few of you were still waiting on Ink Cape and I was actually surprised that you wanted to see more! I’m not going to work on it any time soon but it is something I want to continue on later in life. I liked my old drafts and plans for the story line but I have other plans and ideas for different projects. Ink Cape just isn’t at the top of my to-do list any more.

I’ll check on this website every now and then, it’s hard to let go of a blog you spent your childhood on. Most of you have probably moved on from CP but even if you still love it, there’s nothing wrong with that.

I hope you all stay safe and keep doing the things that you love. Study hard for school and work towards the things that you want the most whether it be a better community for your friends and family or just living a meaningful life. Be kind to one another and I’ll see you all soon.

(but not for the last time)


Should I come back?

Hey guys!

It’s been such a long time since I’ve been here!

The other day I got myself a 1 month membership for the fun of it and to try and get a lot of stamps. I’ve got every stamp for Cart Surfer now and I have 144 stamps.

I had a NightClub Dance party today and lots of you guys came! I had a wicked time partying with you!

I made a lot of friends and I had a great time with all of you! It was really fun meeting penguins like Overlapper, Sblswn99, Tomy48467, Lotti1819, Scottynz and many more!!

Should I come back to blogging?


It’s time to end this long battle…

Hi everyone!

It’s me, Hauntedclaw. I hate to break it to you all but, I think I’m going to quit Club Penguin. Barely anyone visits and I’m just not that interested in Club Penguin anymore.

I remember back in 2006, somewhere around Febuary I first heard about Club Penguin. Then October 6th or 7th, I created Hauntedclaw.  In 2007 I started my first Club Penguin blog. It was an EPIC FAIL. Then 1 year later in 2008, September 25th I made this blog. Back then, I recently got a membership and Club Penguin was REALLY fun for me. I had regular visits, wars with Doggy17 (dw he’s clean now) and comics.

Now it’s 2011. I’m much older and I have other things to do. I have homework, tests, and later on jobs and other stuff we all have to face in life. Before, blogging was fun, now it’s like a chore and it’s boring. I still enjoy drawing and I play other games like MapleStory and….. o.o MapleStory. 😛

I recently learnt how to make Flash animations and I think they’re fun as well :3.

Well, right now I’m supposed to do my Science, English and History assignments hich are due tomorrow. D:

Goodbye, farewell.

I wish you all a good night.


“If you wait long enough, everything comes to you” -Garfield the Cat

Hi everyone!




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