My Sincere Apologies

Hey Eveybody!

I HAVE NOT QUIT! Just wanted to point that out before the explanation.
I know I was supposed to return in January but I’ve been having problems in my life, sorry.
I’ll try to tell you guys what’s happening in my life every month so you won’t feel like I’ve abandoned you all. Thank you SO MUCH for still visiting, I appreciate that a lot.

I’m alive an well, my body is in good condition and I didn’t have some kind of fatal accident, I can still type and draw 🙂

The problems are dying down a little so I will have time to visit on Club Penguin and meet you all and party/eat pizza but this blog won’t be updated until everything is sorted out.

I’ll post on my twitter when I go online so it’s easier for you to find me.

Until then


You guys are the best!

Hey everybody!
It’s been a while since I’ve posted here and I would just like to say thank you so much for still visiting!
I have confirmed that I’m getting better internet some time in January so expect a big return in January 2013!
Right now I still have internet but its really, really slow so I can’t do much, I can still go on club penguin but it takes me forever to move rooms so please don’t ask me to go to your igloo because by the time I’ve loaded, you would have logged off :L

Inkcape is still going well but I would like to draw it when the site comes back or else I don’t get much inspiration.
DID YOU KNOW: That nearly every costume and penguin is inspired by an actual penguin on CP that I’ve seen? Yep I get my costume ideas from you loyal fans 🙂

One last thing, when I return there will be a big party at the nightclub (like usual) with a free membership code being released on my twitter!

Until then, keep being awesome!

I will return!

Hey everybody!
I’m currently at a friend’s house so I can access the internet!
My internet is still ridiculously slow so I can’t come back to posting.

I am aware the free memberships video was taken down. I’ll make a newer and better one when my internet’s good again.

Oh and when I return, expect a party 🙂

Marvel Superhero Takeover EXTENDED!

Hey everybody!

Due to popular demand, the Superhero Takeover has been extended for another week. Club Penguin has posted about this on their Youtube channel!

They have also stated a time and place to meet Aunt Arctic! The server is DEEP FREEZE and the day is JUNE 29 and the times are: 4PM AEST (Tomorrow!) 4PM PDT and 4PM BST.


Superhero Video

Hi everybody!

Club Penguin has released a new video on their Youtube channel and it’s about the Superhero Takeover.

Nearly all our favourite characters are in there! How cool!


Fixing Up the Website

Hey everyone!
Since you guys wanted me to come back, I threw a party! (forgot screenshots)
This party was BIGGER and BETTER than the other parties. We had tons of people dancing and having fun at the nightclub! Sad thing is lots of people tried to stop the party, they kept saying they started the party or tried getting people out of the room. They said I was mean and that I wasn’t famous or cool, only problem is, I never said I was famous!?

Why would you say I wasn’t famous or cool when I hadn’t said anything? Most of my fans had the answer:


Haha thanks guys I had a wicked time with you 😀 After the excitement at the nightclub we ate some pizza at the Pizza Parlour and I was covered in fans! Tons of people didn’t know who I was so they were confused XD

Now I’m fixing up the website, making little touches that make a difference and soon I’ll be posting your favourite tips and hints!

Do you like my new header/title picture? I drew and designed it! (penguin on the right is just my player card)

I’ll tell you guys via my twitter when I’m having parties and events so follow me!

Keep partying!

Well well well…

Hi there everybody!!

If you ACTUALLY WENT ON JACQUO’S SITE, YOU WILL KNOW THAT BURGLARS BROKE INTO MY HOUSE AND TOOK MY COMPUTER!!!! Which is why I am doing this at a library. Apparently, Jacquo’s site has had more than 15 hits in the past 4 days and this site has had more than 50. This means that I will post another section of the coin code!!!!! TOMORROW.


Here are the first 4 digits.


 Here are the clues for the NEXT 4 DIGITS!

To be or not to be. Then add a  .

Don’t whinge.


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