EPF Guide


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Being an EPF Agent on the Chatbox
  • 3. Being an EPF Agent in the storyline
  • 3.1 Field Ops
  • 3.2 Puzzles (coming soon)

Hi there!

So you’ve just joined Club Penguin’s official team of island defenders, the EPF, but you don’t know what to do? Let me give you some help and information! EPF stands for Elite Penguin Force and as an agent of the EPF, we strive to keep the island of Club Penguin safe whether it’s in the storyline or in the chatbox.

Being An EPF Agent on the Chatbox

If you see a mean penguin breaking the rules or being mean to other penguins, click on their player card and report them by clicking the “M” button.

DO NOT REPORT PENGUINS FOR THROWING SNOWBALLS OR SITTING ON YOU! Everybody throws snowballs and sits on penguins, half the time they’re accidents. That’s not mean.

Only click that M button if they’re being REALLY, REALLY, REALLY mean because you CAN GET BANNED for reporting someone for a false, wrong or silly reason.

Being An EPF Agent in the Storyline

Club Penguin has it’s own storyline for the EPF Agents. The main antagonist (bad guy) of the story is Herbert P. Bear Esquire. He is an evil Polar Bear from the North Pole who hated the cold so he decided to float on a small iceburg to a warmer place. Sadly, he missed the warm spot and ended up on the other side of the world, Antartica, where Club Penguin is. So Herbert keeps trying to make the island warm (which will melt the island) but the PSA and the EPF keep stopping him so now he has aimed his goal at the EPF by trying to destroy the EPF first so no one can stop him and his dream for warmth. He has an evil sidekick called Klutzy who is a crab.

So how do EPF Agents help out for the storyline? The weekly Field Op!

Field Ops

Every week on Wednesday, there is a new Field Op. A Field Op is a short mission where you go to an area and do a small puzzle. Each Field Op has some interesting things to read about related to the Club Penguin EPF storyline so read it! To complete a Field Op, follow these simple steps!

1. When your EPF Spy Phone has a red flashing light, it means you have a new Field Op available! Just click on it to read the message.

2. Click “Go There” to teleport to the EPF Head Quarters.

3. Walk to the yellow Field Op Computer.

4. Read what you have to do and click “Accept Field Op”.

5. Go to the area where the Field Op is (Look on the left side of our website under “What’s New CP” to find out where the field op is) and your Spy Phone should start shaking and flash a GREEN light. Click on your Spy Phone to continue.

6. Complete the puzzle and you should get a message from an EPF agent and earn 1 medal. You can use medals to buy EPF gear.

Coming soon: Puzzles


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     /  June 8, 2012

    needs 2 more for scealth…

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