Puffle Roundup Guide

Puffle Roundup

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In this game you have to use your mouse to round up the puffles into the pen. You put your curser near a puffle so the puffle will run in the opposite direction. You have 2 minutes to finish the level.

As you can see in my picture, nearly every puffle is diffrent. That is because every puffle has a diffrent personality. Every puffle runs away from you when your mouse is at a diffrent spot.

Black puffles usually run away from you when your curser is this far away from it: Puffle __________________Your curser

Purple, Red and Green puffles: Puffle_____________Your curser

Pink, Yellow and Blue puffles: Puffle_________Your curser

This is the bit where many people get confused, Blue puffles aren’t slow, they just like hanging around you.

In the picture above, the green bit indicates the safety zone and the purple bit indicates the danger zone. The moment a puffle his the danger zone, the puffle has escaped.

Some cool tips:

  • Bunch up all the puffles above the Pen, then shove them all into the pen.

  • Don’t shove the puffles too far otherwise some puffles will jump over the back. Although this is very rare, Black, Purple and Green puffles are known for doing it.
  • If a puffle is getting too close to the danger zone, move your curser around it but keep it out of Club Penguin. Here is a picture to show you if you don’t get me.

Notice how my cursor went out of Club Penguin into the white bits? Puffles can’t detect you from there.

How the scoring works

The scoring is quite easy to understand, shouldn’t take you too long.

  • First, you see how much time you had left when you finished the level.
  • Then you times it by the amount of puffles you got into the pen and there is your score.
  • Divide your score by 10 and then that is how many coins you get.
  • Each puffle is equivalent (or the same) to 10%.

If you look closely, the trees look like they were drawn on MS Paint in a few seconds.

So that’s my guide to Puffle Roundup, hope you’ve improved your score!

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  1. poppy92234

     /  April 29, 2012


  2. Toadsworth1

     /  July 5, 2012

    Thx for the guide. The puffle-escaping thing has happened to me too with a black puffle.

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